Where to get TRULY FREE and LEGAL music for your videos

Guys. There are websites where you can get legal music for free to use in videos that is actually good. For reals. Here is a list of the best websites that I have personally found and a description of what their catalog is like.

I know the struggle for finding good music that is actually free that you can use in your videos legally. Since most of us are young students who don't have solid/any income it can be hard to try to regularly produce great content and not have meh music.


*Please note: Incompetech created by Kevin McLeod will intentionally not be featured on this list. His work can be quite good, but it is far less cinematic than I personally like for my projects. However I would recommend any beginning filmmakers check out his stuff.

**Please note 2.0: I am not being paid or endorsed by any of these websites to say anything that I am saying here. So what you're reading is my totally honest opinion.

Free Music Archive is so far the most popular and expansive fully creative commons music website that I have found. They have every genre and sub genre you can imagine ranging from experimental ambient, to full on punk rock, to cinematic orchestral, to noise/chaos music. The best place on the website to find the good stuff is on their 'Recently Added Highlights' list and on their blog. The catalog has lots of awesome stuff too, just be ready to sort through LOTS of weird stuff to find the good stuff (and by weird I mean extremely experimental/art music). Definitely be sure that you poke around a good bit though because there are some serious auditory golden nuggets. 

Needle Drop Co's CC page is my second favorite place to find music. Their stuff is much more artist centric/indie which is awesome for those of us who like that. They have tons of folk, electronic, indie pop/indie rock, cinematic and much more. Their catalog is much smaller than FMA, but it is a lot easier to find good stuff on there and my CC music collection has grown a ton because of them. Also their web design is pretty sick too so that's a bonus.

I have gotten tons of stuff off of Bensound. He has a great selection of paid and free music that is extremely high quality and very cinematic. The cinematic and post rock pieces are the best though IMO. I have used his music on many different projects ranging from weddings to little random vibe videos for Instagram. Very solid stuff that is very easy to sort through. I'm a huge fan of Bensound's work and I look forward to seeing more as he composes. 

Ok, I'm going to address these next ones one at a time because they are totally different animals. Where they are the same though is that they are both on Soundcloud, and both are curated community pages where tracks are being added all the time so there is often new stuff being added. 

SC's Creative Commons page is mostly art music and experimental music. It's a great place to look if you are needing a soundscape for an alien planet or horror movie, or if you are making an art house film. If you're making more normal work I'd recommend that you stay away from it personally... It's very weird. But also kinda cool if you're into art noise.

SC's Creative Commons Music page is pretty much entirely made up of EDM tracks. Which I personally like a lot. There is everything ranging from Trap, DnB, Trance, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, straight up EDM, and lots of other sub genres. Check here if you're making a reel, highlight video, or just want to party a little bit.

Jamendo is the last one that I've found that has really really good stuff and isn't totally sketch. Their catalog is really quite good! Now, this website isn't totally creative commons because you can only use their music for free on personal projects, and outside of that you do have to purchase a license. But if you're making a reel or an Instagram video or a personal short film then it's an awesome place to look! I've only gotten one track from here before, so I don't know too much about it. Overall it seems solid though. 

So there you go! Those are the best totally legal free music websites that I've found. I would highly recommend that you check them all out, and if you know any others that I didn't mention (other than Incompetech) I would love to hear about them! I'm constantly seeking to expand my catalog of resources.