Doc who? Doc you (mentary)

I have had a ton of people ask me recently what my next project is. "What's your next project?" "When are you starting on another film?"

Well guys, I have a new project. It is going to be very different from my previous and I am stoked to get started! It is going to be a documentary about a local restaurant called Spurlock's Malt Shop and kind of the story that surrounds it and its creation. 

The dates haven't been confirmed but I plan on using the Sony A7s II and the Sankor 16C 2x anamorphic. It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to get started.

Now what I'm going to do is show you a bunch of documentaries that have inspired me:


This is a documentary about the female boxer Claressa 'T-Rex' Shields who won the Women's Boxing gold metal in the 2012 Olympics. I love it because it's a fantastic look into what life is like for an Olympian in real life, and how things are post-games.


How Mr. and Mrs. Gock Saved the Kumara

This one is just adorable and clever and super well executed. I especially love the narration and the color.


Artist Spotlight: Foreign Fields

This is a super personal look into the lives of the artists that make up Foreign Fields. I love the candidness of it and the fact that it's black and white. It makes it feel more authentic and time tested I guess.

(Also just go watch everything on Musicbed's vimeo because it's all amazing)

Just Mark

Mark Redito is one of my favorite musicians. It's awesome to be able to get a glimpse into his process and his life. His music and vibe on social media is super inspiring to me.


What is your favorite documentary? What's your favorite documentary style? Let me know in the comments below!