GoodBear Media is the brainchild of Dallas-based creative, Bear Hanrahan

Me petting a cat

I first got started around 10 years ago while making videos in my backyard as a kid with my best friends. My first camera as an old Olympus point and shoot that I scraped all summer to save up for (it cost a whopping $100).

Since then much has changed. I moved to Springfield, MO, then later to Dallas, TX, made a bunch of films (one of which won Best Young Filmmaker at CWVFF 2015), worked as a VFX artist on Bound and Woodlawn, launched GoodBear Media, and fell in love with pitbulls and Japanese food.

My passion is for creating inspiring images that bring light to the unnoticed and captures priceless moments. I want to capture who you are in an image. I'm not a storyteller. I am a moment catcher.

Also here's a picture of me petting a cat.