2017 | NETWORK

Downtown Springfield

Roman Braniger 

Upton Wedding no. 1

Neon Emma

Upton Wedding No. 3

The 4 Proches Concert

The 4 Proches Concert

A Very Creepy Mattress 

Micah Portrait

Downtown Pittsfield, MA

That time that Emma cosplayed as Eleven for Halloween 

So I guess it's 2017 now. 

This is new.

This is nice. 

What are we going to do with this year? So many new opportunities and things to be made. 

My word for this year is 'Network'. 

In May my family moved from Springfield to north Dallas. 

Dallas is an awesome city, don't get me wrong. In fact it's probably the coolest place that I've lived. However I don't yet know tons of people, and business has been better.  So this year I'm really going to focus a lot on networking and making friends.

One of my first steps in that direction is interning at WELD. WELD is a Dallas and Nashville based creative workspace and there are some pretty freaking incredible people who work here. Seriously some of the most talented people that I've ever met. I've already met a bunch of incredible people and I hope that I can learn tons from them.

Another step I've taken is going to Masters in Motion. When I say that WELD has some of the most talented people, I mean about 45%. Masters in Motion has another 45% of those people. I met and made friends with some absolutely incredible filmmakers there and I can't wait until I can get to collaborate with them. 

Then the last 10% of the most talented people that I know are from all around the country. You all know who you are. :) 

I spent the last part of 2016 working with some awesome people and making some really cool content. 

Here's some of the stuff that I've shot over the last couple of months

Isaac Braniger

Upton Wedding no. 2

Shoot with Gabe

Elizabeth+John Wedding no. 1

Elizabeth+Jon Wedding no. 2

So there you go! That was the end of my 2016 in images. Not necessarily in order so much as the order that I found them, but still roughly in order. 

I can't wait to see what the coming months of 2017 bring!

What makes this even more special is it is currently snowing for the first time in Dallas. Whoo! Definitely gonna be taking some pictures or something to capture this.

I hope you have a great new year!