Here we go!


A little bit about GBM in general;

GBM (GoodBear Media) is my brain child. The long term goal is that it will take off as a creative collaboration with different artists, designers, photographers, and cinematographers working together as a team in one of those super awesome loft offices you see on Pintrest.

What the heck does GoodBear Media even mean? 

I originally thought up GBM while I was working at Monitogo Studios in 2012. It started out as Monocle Bear, but no one could spell Monocle, and only my steampunk friends even knew what a monocle was. Soooooo that didn't happen. But then after a few months of thinking about names I came up with GoodBear Media. GoodBear because I like Bad Robot's name but I didn't want to be viewed in a negative light because my name is Bear. Then I chose Media over Productions or Studios because I don't just do video. 

So there you go

GoodBear Media.

Why are you blogging?

My plan with this blog is to post gear reviews/geek out, post BTS of projects in the works, do updates on what's happening, maybe rant a little, maybe do some interviews with people who are way more talented than me, and hopefully do some collaborating too.


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Bear hanrahan